Overcome stress & unhappiness
to gently & easily achieve
inner calm & happiness.

From Stressed Out to Inner Calm & Happiness

Your ability to heal is stronger than you think. Given, the right environment, your body is fully capable of healing.

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Leighanne. Over the years, I have had a few health issues. As the years passed, my health issues intensified. I had glandular fever, a growing list of food intolerances, a lump in my breast, pre-cancerous cervical cells, thyroid issues, would often feel dizzy, lacked energy, would wake up feeling exhausted, and experienced chest pain on a number of occasions. In short, I was stressed out, living from a place of fear and, completely unhappy. I ate organic and healthy food, had eliminated harsh chemicals around my home but still my health wasn’t improving.

For years, I had run from one task to the next. I would race around to get my children ready in the morning, race to get out the door, race to get my full-time job (which wasn’t a job a loved), race to pick my children up, race to get dinner ready, race to get my children into bed before falling into a heap on the lounge each night. I’d avoid going to bed knowing that the following day would be the same. It felt like I was living Groundhog Day. 

Until, one day, when my body said I’ve had enough and I could hardly function anymore. With the exception of a slow walk, any other form of exercise made me feel more exhausted. My ‘rock bottom’ point was when my doctor told me I had chronic fatigue, which, he informed me was the medical profession’s way of saying we acknowledge something is wrong, we just don’t know what is wrong with you. He encouraged me to ‘doctor shop’ in the hope another doctor would know what was wrong.  

I decided I wanted to take control of my health and wellbeing. Instead of doctor shopping, I did my own research. From there I discovered I had burnout which is also known as adrenal fatigue from too much stress. After much research, I used a combination of sound healing, energy healing, and inner work, to heal myself. 

Now, it is my mission to support women who are ready to release emotional blockages, even if they don’t know what the exact blocks are, to easily and gently achieve physical and emotional wellness without deep diving into their past. 


Sound + Energy Healing

Sound healing is an ancient healing medium which has been used for health and wellbeing around the world for thousand of years in cultures such as the Australian Aboriginal tribes, Tibet, across Asia, Africa, Ancient Egypt, South America, Native Americans and many more. 

Science is still catching up with the benefits of how sound can heal. Albert Einstein and quantum physics inform us that ‘everything is energy’, which even includes you and I. That means, that we vibrate at certain frequencies. Emotions have a certain vibrational frequency. For example, shame vibrates at a frequency of 20Hz, anger vibrates at a frequency of 150Hz while love and nature both vibrate at a frequency of 528Hz.

When we experience an unresolved negative emotion, that energy becomes stuck in our body and our electromagnetic field. Often, many of us do not express our emotions, rather we ‘stuff’ them down by refusing to feel our emotions. By applying sound and energy to the particular area, the sound initially resonates with whatever distortion is there, such as fear, sadness, shame, powerlessness, grief, worry, frustration, anger etc. Then, just like magic, the sound is able to help the body to self regulate into a harmonious  state. The same benefits are experienced from an in person or distance session.

When used correctly sound has the potential to soothe the nervous system, settle emotions, reduce stress, quiet the mind, improve sleep, reduce pain, and much more. 

What Our Clients Have to Say....

"The session was amazing. I have tried many different healing modalities and Leighanne's was incredible. I felt safe, nurtured and could feel the energy moving through my chakras, releasing and activating as the session went deeper....I felt amazing afterwards also."
Melinda Melgar
"Leighanne is the most amazing and intuitive sound and energy healer, and a wonderful and caring person. I have benefited immensely from her sessions and highly recommend them. She has touched my life in so many ways and I am so grateful our paths crossed. "
Sonja Chong
"Leighanne is a very caring gentle loving soul who guides you through an amazing spiritual sound healing journey. I felt very relaxed, safe and supported on my journey and enjoyed the experience."
Angela Koch
Sunshine Coast, Australia

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

Benefits of Sound & Energy Healing


Reduces stress.


Calms the mind.


Increased relaxation.


Improves sleep.


Increased energy.


More calmness.


Increased happiness.


Improved mood.

Your ability to Heal is stronger than you think.

Given, the right environment, your body is fully capable of healing.



Burnout is physical and emotional exhaustion caused by ongoing stress. 

Burnout is on the increase. A survey by Deloitte’s found that 77 percent of 1,000 full-time professionals experienced burnout in their current job. Even those who are passionate about their job are not immune.

According to Psychology Today, the signs of burnout include:
1. Lack of energy,
2. Feeling exhausted,
3. Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep,
4. Lack of focus and mild forgetfulness, 
5. Chest pain,
6. Heart palpitations,
7. Shortness of breath,
8. Gastrointestinal pain,
9. Dizziness or fainting, 
10. Headaches,
11. Increased colds and flu,
12. Loss of appetite,
13. Depression,
14. Anxiety,
15. Anger and irritability.

It’s not your fault! Our modern day society, doesn’t teach us to slow down, how to deal with stress or how to manage our emotions.